Is Your Website Search Engine Friendly?

consider these points to makes your website search engine friendly.

Today almost everyone is being part of the digital world either directly or indirectly. Today whatever we want a product, a service or any kind of information, get a help from the internet. Right now Google is dominating all the search engines with more than 74% of market share at global level. Millions of searches made by people every day to get the right thing or places they want. Now let come to the point, here we all can understand the importance of search engines when we are looking for a service or a product. Search engines are tended to design in such way that they will show you the right thing or take you to the right place what you want. Now, to question is does your website is designed in such way that search engines will show your business page when people searching the same, what you are offering.

When you designed a website for your business, it doesn’t mean that your website will get huge traffic or would come in SERP (search engine result pages). In order to getting higher number in SERP you need to implement a technique which is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is techniques that make your website more search engine friendly so that your website get higher rank in SERP or improve the online presence of your website. Many of the business owners do not understand the importance of search engine friendly websites.

Here, we are discussing few things you need to consider that makes your website search engine friendly.

  1. Domain: First of all you need to be specific with your domain how it will see. For example “” is your domain then you must be specific that how your domain does look. See below the set of different URLs.
    All the above URLs are different versions of the same domain and Google treat all different URL as different website.
  2. Loading Time: Check your website does it take too much time to load if it is yes then you need to reduce the size of page to get faster loading. You can check your website page speed from Google page speed insights and it will suggest you to how can you improve your webpage loading time.
  3. URL Navigation: Avoid to use “& ? $ ! % ;” these special characters within your URL. Make sure that URL is readable that is search engine friendly.
    For example: is more friendly than
  4. Sitemap: There are two types of sitemap first one is for User as webpage and the second one is for search engines in xml format. Make sure that you’re website has xml sitemap so that search engine crawler can get through that all of the web-pages. You can generate your sitemaps by yourself from XML-Sitemap.
  5. Text: Most important thing that makes your website search engine friendly that is content on your website. Make sure that your website has sufficient amount of text and relevant to your product or services you offered. If you put text on image or graphics is useless because the keyword you’re using within your content is not accessible by the search engines.
  6. Keywords: Now take look on content or text of your website. Check whether is there keyword in your text that you’re targeting if not then use keywords within your text and make sure that is not more than 3%-5% of your text.
  7. Image optimization: Without image we can’t make our website attractive. When you put images on your website just make sure that images are relevant to your industry and make use of proper alt text, relevant image name and caption so that your image can be shown on SERP of image search.
  8. Meta tags: You can understand the importance of Meta tags that this is the thing that compel the user to click on your website from SERP. Meta tag contains description of webpage that tells what type of contents on webpage that is shown on SERP.

All these points are very important that make your website search engine friendly or you can say Google friendly. If you want to go deeper then please go through the SEO starter guide of Google.

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