Top 3 Programming Languages of 2017


There are many languages to code in, so many… But how to know which language should to be learned so you can be successful and raise your earning potential.

In this article, we have tried to sort out the top 3 programming languages of 2017, so far, based on the data from different metrics, such as popularity, trends, career-prospects, open-source, etc.

Recently IEEE spectrum come with ranking sheet of top programming language 2017 according to their popularity


 Programming Languages Popularity


#1 Java–

Java, which is an open-source language used to create server-side applications, has been in large demand because of its applications in the development of apps for the web, mobile and smart devices.

It is the primary language choice for mobile developers with many wonderful apps like Temple Run, Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga developed in Java. Even many government agencies and Fortune 500 firms prefer to use Java due to its robust and secure nature.


Java Programing Popularity


#2 Python –

Python, which is an open-source, dynamic programming language, has registered most of its growth only in the past few years. The language is mainly popular because of its easy to learn and read coding structure, especially the Whitespace indentation feature.

Python is considered one of the most suitable programming languages for beginners as it is very user-friendly. Many popular applications including Reddit, Instagram and YouTube have been built using Python. It is also suitable for web development, 3D rendering, and scientific computing.


Python Programing Popularity


#3 PHP –

PhP, It is a scripting language primarily used for developing dynamic websites. It is an open-source language and creates server-side scripts. PHP is widely popular because it is easy to learn, and independent of platform and OS. New programmers can quickly learn web development in PHP.

It was first developed as a web development language but is now used as a general-purpose programming language for various tasks. PHP has been so far used in the development of over 200 million websites, including the likes of Facebook, WordPress, and Yahoo..


PHP Programing Popularity


If you are looking for the right language to start your programming career, it would be wise to consider all the aspects of development before choosing a language.


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